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New Years Challenge

Jan 10-31

Please Fill in the Information Below

What Are Your Health & Wellness Goals & Intentions?
Which Studios Have You Attended?


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Participating Studios

Yoga Six

At YogaSix Flagstaff we believe in an inclusive, energetic, and empowering yoga practice. Each of the yoga classes we offer has a specific focus and produces specific body benefits. Whether you're looking for strength, agility, or flexibility, and balance, we have the yoga fit for you. Join us for a class and see for yourself the benefits our classes provide inside and outside the 4 corners of your yoga mat!

Y6 Flagstaff
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Wellness Workshops
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Meridian Point Release
60 Min. Class

Release tightness held within the tissue with trigger point while working with the natural energy pathways of the body to help restore movement & optimal energy levels in this holistic approach for physical, mental, & emotional wellness. 

All Participants Will Receive:

Yoga Six Flagstaff

Yoga Six

50% off the first month of the unlimited membership and a $25 retail credit (expires 1 week after the final day of the challenge).

Local Juicery

Stop in to Local Juicery

On Jan. 14th or 28th

For a free infused radiant water

Or detox water 

Local Juicery Flagstaff
Wellness Coaching Flagstaff

Bodhi Being

20% Off Services including:

Private Coaching, Wellness, & Healing Sessions such as

Red light therapy, 

Show Your Challenge Card to Receive These Special Offers!

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Stretch Lab

Receive a Special Offer for a One-on-One or Group Stretch

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Hydrate IV Bar

Receive 1 free B12 Injection with any IV Therapy

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