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What is Energy Healing?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Energy Healing works on the subtle body layer, which is the subconscious part of our being that can hold our emotions, beliefs, and patterns that we may or may not be aware of. When energy gets stuck or feelings are unexpressed (or over-expressed), it may lead to “dis”ease or disharmony before becoming apparent on the physical layer. Energy healing works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. One does not need to know what it is or how it’s working to be effective, as the healing is not in the mind, but the "feeling" subtle body.

Everything is Energy...

Science tells us that everything is energy. When we zoom in close enough on the microscopic level, we see energy in motion from the vibration of atoms moving to different frequencies from our skin, to the clothes we wear and the plants from which those clothes came. We are energetic beings emitting frequencies from the synapses firing in our brain to the electromagnetic field of our pulsing heart.

It’s that field that you can “sense” when someone is in the room but you don’t see them. It’s that field that draws you in like a magnet to someone who’s field is amplified. It’s that golden light that is portrayed in images of Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Buddha, and Mary Magdalene. It’s this light that we all have, and the light that emits different frequencies depending on our state which reflects and attracts that which we emit.

The Earth too emits its own frequency within its electromagnetic field. This field protects us from the solar rays and radiation from our sun. Just as the Earth needs this field for protection, we too need our own electromagnetic field for “protection”.

This “field” aka our aura is what separates others energies from our own.

If you or someone you know is an empath or a highly sensitive person, you know the value of this distinction. Have you ever felt “off” for no reason or felt scattered and uncentered in public places? Or, maybe you were being a good friend to someone in need and all of a sudden, you’ve taken on their issues/feelings as if they were your own? Meanwhile, they feel better and you’re dumbfounded with what feels like no way out of the muck you’ve found yourself in! I get it. I can relate.

We experience feelings and emotions in the subtle emotional body which when not acknowledged can show up in the physical body as a belly ache or tense shoulders. When we gain more awareness to our internal states, we can shift the energy to bring in more of what we want, gain better health, and build healthy boundaries between ourselves and others.

The strength of your auric field is the strength of your own shield.

In the West, we are taught the world we live in is all physical and material. The great mystics have known for millennia that when we work with the energy that’s around us, it’s like a super power or a “6th sense” opening us to greater possibility and abundance. We can gain a greater understanding of our own internal states, notice where the energy is stuck and intentionally guide the energy toward more movement and flow. When the energy within us is flowing we are more open, receptive, happy, creative and healthy. When we work with energy, we have a better energetic awareness of boundaries and the relationship with ourselves and others is improved. When we find where the energy is stuck, we can direct our energy to clear out blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs, when we heal this and increase our energy, we have more ease, we are “in the flow” and are in a better state where synchronicities and manifestation occurs.

It’s from this place - working with energy where “miraculous healing” occurs. The stuff the “Western World” is catching up to explain.

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