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In Allowance of the Divine…

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

It was near the winter Solstice when I found myself in prostration with arms outstretched and forehead on the floor bowing to a source greater than myself. This was very atypical for me, as I have never been a person of devotion or of outward expression to Source Energy or the Divine. I have always had a respect and a relationship for the unknown realms and consider myself to be spiritual, but have never subscribed to any religious beliefs or rituals that honor this Source.

I would quickly become uncomfortable in circumstances where my mind didn’t understand why something was being done. I would want to understand everything and all the details before making a decision about something or participating in it to experience what others may have in “blind faith”. I understood the value in faith and the importance of a belief in a Higher Source as being highly influential in one’s health, healing, and sense of purpose -- I have respect for this, I just didn’t “get” it. I was trying to “get it” from the logical mind and would rarely allow myself to surrender to the experience of it that comes from a much different place. I suppose it’s here that belief and faith emerge in exactly what the words imply - from the unknown.

It’s no wonder that when one is completely broken down in the most vulnerable state, when sometimes the only option is to surrender, to have faith, and to believe. From here, miracles seem to happen, one gains strength from a greater source beyond thy self, and guidance is given to those who are receptive to listen.

I was met at this place unexpectedly while overseeing a music video with a scene of a High Priestess witnessing a Native American Ceremony. I broke down in to tears (something that doesn’t always come easy for me), and was literally brought to my knees crying until the tears stopped. I can’t explain why, but it was a profound cathartic release. Afterwards I found myself bowing down to the unknown and proceeded in full prostrations. (I have never done this before, even in temples, churches, monasteries, and ashrams I would observe with curiosity of others, but not follow. I even secretly despised sun salutations in yoga for this reason!) As I bowed, I sang along with the music from the video which was two hours of the Gayatri mantra – a mantra for healing. Through that time, there was definitely some deep healing that was beyond my conception. I remained in allowance and surrendered to what was wanting to come through. Though I can’t articulate exactly what that release was, I felt a deep penetration with a profound connection to the Divine and to my Higher Self, beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

I feel this experience was paramount in my path as a Healer to allow a greater connection with Source to guide me in my practice. Since operating more from this place, it’s amazing what has come through. Though I have been a Healer practicing Energy work since 2008, in those eleven years I have had my own personal healing experience with Divine Energy Source, but had not necessarily opened this to others. When working on someone, I have always been guided to areas to work on what I feel and sense – sometimes it would be through emotion or feeling in a particular area, and sometimes it comes as messages through words or colors. It was only me channeling the “work”. That has since recently changed as I’ve allowed my connection with my Higher Self and the Divine to allow something greater than myself to help facilitate in the healing process.

In a recent healing session, there was a very palpable Divine Source within the space. There was a feminine presence filling the container with gentle loving light who also helped guide me through the healing for her family she lost in physical form two months prior. As I write this, I am flooded with emotion and chills. Throughout the session, chills continued to emerge as well. I often get chills or as I call them “truth-bumps ” rather than “goosebumps” when something resonates as true and is in alignment with something greater than ourselves. It’s from this place where the logical mind can’t comprehend the unknown, where “miracles” happen, Divine Presence guides us and synchronicities occur.

I am grateful to the Source that helped guide me through and helped provide healing on a deeper level than I could alone. In respect to this power, I will continue to honor this field of potential to work through and with me in healing now and in to the future. For this, I thank you Sarah.

From my experience with the Gayatri Mantra to today, my mantra is now:

Thank you Sarah, Angels, the Divine, Universe and Higher Source.

With Love and Light,


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