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With Expansion May Come Contraction

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Have you noticed how after a retreat or inspirational event you carry the high vibes and the openness with you perhaps for a couple days, maybe a week or two? But, eventually the “buzz” starts to wear off and we are back to our normal routine and way of being. That expansiveness may slowly ooze out like the air being let out of a balloon over time, or it could easily pop when poked by one of our triggers.

When that deflation happens, we may go in to one of our favorite games of shame “I should know better/be better”, blame “it’s everyone else that has the problems”, self-pity “this always happens to me”, or distractability “wow, I feel much better after hours of scrolling on social media – said no one ever”.

Notice if anything has come up for you in the past week or coming weeks. When we go through periods of expansion, we are creating more space in our being which gives allowance for shedding what is no longer serving us in this state. This may come up as something we perceive as “negative”, but this where the true expansion comes -- in acknowledging what is showing up to be cleared. It’s from this space that we can consciously choose what to fill in its place.

If we want to maintain the high vibes from our experience, it’s important to acknowledge what is showing up in the moment. This is where the “sweet stuff” is which often gets overlooked in the self-growth community – we bypass the heaviness to get to the lightness, but it’s in going through those heavier feelings that we’ve been holding on to that we can transmute and transform it naturally to more “lightness”. It’s important to acknowledge where you’re at, sit with it and to feel it without wishing or you were somewhere else or thinking you should be in a different state. We all know that’s not productive… So I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to break up what you don’t want and build more of what you do want while maintaining and sustaining a “high energy state.”

A high energy state IS NOT: high activity output, something that we get from a source outside ourselves, or overriding what you’re feeling and replacing it with “good vibes only”. It is not denying or suppressing what our bodies are trying to express in what we are feeling. It takes an awful lot of energy to stuff down or ignore what is showing up in the present or from years of suppressing what the body remembers. We want to begin freeing up some of that energy. We do this by supporting the body in a high energy state as well as full acknowledgment of what is arising.


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