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In my participation in this and any future workshops, experiences, or services, I recognize and accept that the services offered are not intended to replace or substitute any existing relationship I may have with my medical doctor and/or primary healthcare provider(s). These services do not constitute medical advice or serve as a replacement for medical care, diagnosis, or treatment for any health condition or disease.


I acknowledge my responsibility to consult with my healthcare provider or doctor if I have, or suspect I have, any health issues or if there are concerns about my mental or emotional well-being that might affect my ability to make sound judgments or fully engage in the experience and services offered. I also understand that any information or guidance provided by the facilitators does not guarantee or warrant any specific experience or outcomes for me.


In participating in this and any future workshops, experiences, or services, I do so voluntarily and at my own risk. I willingly sign this waiver with the understanding that I am solely responsible for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and I absolve any parties involved from any liability regarding my past, present, or future well-being.

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