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Bodhi Being


Kim is a 500 hr. Yoga Teacher, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Health and Human Development, she is certified in several modalities including Ayurveda,  Breathwork, Reiki, and BARS Access Consciousness. She has extensive training in the healing arts through immersive studies while living at an Ashram in Nepal and studying traditional yoga while living in India. She has worked with world renowned teachers and has taught mindfulness-based yoga workshops for festivals around the globe. She is passionate about the healing arts and sharing it with others.
She works with people both online and in Sedona to help heal from within.


In all my services, I take a holistic approach looking at the whole being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
I believe that healing is inclusive on all these levels and that dis-ease or dis-harmony occurs when the body is out of balance.
I use a variety of tools to bring the body back in to balance through mindful movement, energy work, sound healing, and guided meditation. I apply knowledge from modern science to practices of Indigenous cultures of the West and ancient philosophies of the East such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Kundalini. I use an integrative approach to healing and provide you with
“hands on” energy work, guidance, and tools that empower you to heal from within.

Bodhi Being

Empowering You to be Your Optimal Be-ing in Bod-hi, Mind and Spirit

Bodhi means "awakened" one. A Bodhi Being is one who has the courage to experience the unknown parts within oneself, to discover the depths of their soul and existence, and illuminate the shadow parts within in order to be brought to light, to awaken to one’s true potential, and to become empowered to one’s own path in healing and wellness in our own unique and beautiful “be-ing.” As human “be-ings” not human “do-ings” we must
remember the importance to slow down, to go within, to allow time for oneself, and simply to just “be”.


I offer a variety of different services to support people in their process of healing and transformation. I have helped people from
all ages and backgrounds to experience relief from physical and emotional pain, overcome fears and limiting beliefs,
achieve their goals, and feel empowered in their being. A session with me may include but is not limited to:


Bodhi Being - Healing from Within
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