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Meditation Class



Yoga means to unite. Union of mind, body and spirit is the approach Kim shares at the heart of yoga. She weaves together ancient Eastern practices with modern principles of the West. Her classes fuse cohesive movement with awareness in an explorative, fun, and approachable way. For her, alignment is paramount as is the effect of the posture beyond the shape. She focuses on the unique needs of each individual and creates a custom class integrating principles from Ayurveda and 5 Element Theory to leave you feeling recharged and refreshed.
You'll receive what you want and may expect from a yoga class and leave with something more. Kim is trained in many styles including:




Hike to your red rocks classroom for a private yoga session tailored to your needs and desires in the beauty of the outdoors with views of iconic vortex sites.  Once at our destination, we will have approximately 75 minutes for our practice. Generally, we take about 60 min. for yoga asana (stretching) and apx. 15 min. for meditation, pranayama (breathwork), and relaxation with a soundbath in sivasana.  The structure and style of class is customizable to suite individual interests and skill level from beginner to advanced.


2 Hr. Yoga on the Red Rocks or 3 Hr. Yoga Hike - Click the link below to book and request Kim on the reservation page. 

Yoga Bodhi Being


Receive personal attention in a private yoga class custom designed for you or the group. I work with people of all abilities from beginner to advanced practitioners in a variety of styles such as hatha, vinyasa, yin, kundalini kriyas, partner yoga, and more.  I use several tools and techniques to help increase movement and release stagnant or stuck energy in your physical and emotional body resulting in overall peace in the mind and relaxation in the body.

I may come to you in Sedona at no extra charge. For private studio bookings, prior arrangements must be made at least 6 days in advance to reserve the space. Contact me to further discuss the details and to let me know what I can do to assist you in your journey to optimal health. Click below to book online or call me to reserve your space.



My Experience

Kim is a certified 500hr Yoga teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health, who has been teaching classes around the globe since 2008. She has been practicing yoga since 2002 and working as a health advocate since 1999. She draws from her experience to share her knowledge with others to enhance and improve all areas of life. She is certified in 5 Elements Yin/Yang, Hatha, Tai Chi Yoga Movement and Alchemy Breathwork. She is trained in Classical Ashtanga, Iyengar, Restorative, Chakra Kundalini, Partner Yoga, and Flying Yoga Therapeutics. Her holistic studies include training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, 5 Element Theory, and Ethnobotany. Kim is passionate to share practices that have helped her and others in a path of personal growth and wellbeing.

I forgot what it was like to really breathe...  After a moving meditation and breathwork session with Kim, I felt like I could actually bring air up in to my lungs. I felt alive.

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