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I use an integrative approach to healing and provide you with "hands on" energy work, guidance and
tools that empower you to heal from within.  I have helped people from all ages and backgrounds to
experience relief from physical and emotional pain, overcome fears and limiting beliefs, achieve their
goals, and feel empowered in their being. A session with me may include but is not limited to:


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Experience deep healing while connecting to both the subtle energy of your body and of the land. On this red rock healing and Sedona Vortex tour, you will receive a healing session or practice customized for you while immersed in the beauty of Sedona.


Want to enjoy time in nature, receive a sound bath on the red rocks, take an experiential vortex hike, learn about the natural and geologic history of the area, or participate in a shamanic ceremony? Bodhi Being with Sedona Mystical Tours has you covered. Choose from a variety of different tours from one of the few companies that is permitted to offer you the full experience in Sedona.


To learn more about tours offered with Kim and Sedona Mystical Tours, please visit the website: Sedona Mystical Tours or click the button below to book and request Kim on the reservation page.

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Achieve your optimal well-being in body, mind, and spirit with a personalized session catered to your individual needs. Kim utilizes a variety of different tools and practices in her work including sound, crystal and energy healing.

Kim believes in the value of self-empowerment in your own healing and is happy to offer pertinent tools  to help empower you beyond our time together which may include grounding and energetic clearing practices, emotional freedom technique, mindful movement based practices such as yoga, qi gong, walking meditation, and embodiment practices.  

Kim may come to you in Sedona at no extra charge. Contact me to further discuss what service may be best suited for you. Click below to book online where your information is encrypted and secured.

I forgot what it was like to really breathe...  After a moving meditation and breathwork session with Kim, I felt like I could actually bring air up in to my lungs. I felt alive.



Reiki is a holistic approach to health and healing which works as complementary medicine for the benefit of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Reiki uses energy healing to bring the body into balance for what is needed at the time.

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Yes, it is possible to do the healing session outdoors. This is currently offered only in Sedona as part of a healing vortex tour. Please click the link below to book and request Kim as your facilitator. 

Click to Book a Healing Vortex Experience


Sound Healing helps bring the body into a state of balance by using frequency to shift our brainwaves to a stable frequency through entrainment. We can entrain our brains to shift from our "normal operation" beta waves state to a more relaxed states. 

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Energy Healing works on the subtle body layer, which is the subconscious part of our being that can hold our emotions, beliefs, and patterns that we may or may not be aware of. When energy gets stuck or feelings are unexpressed (or over-expressed), it may lead to dishamony in the physical body and later “dis”ease.

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Kim Sieb Bodhi Being


In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Health, Kim is certified in several modalities including
Reiki, BARS Access Consciousness, Alchemy Breathwork, Tai Qi Yoga Movement, Yin/Yang 5 Element Theory.
She has extensive training in the healing arts through immersive studies while living at an ashram in Nepal, studying ancient Eastern practices while living in India, and learning from the practices taught by Baba Hari Dass as well as classical ashtanga, Ayurveda, yogic theory, and philosophy while working at a yoga retreat center in the U.S.
She has worked with world renowned teachers and has taught the healing arts in workshops around the globe.

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