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Harmonizing with the Natural Rhythms

Embracing the Power of Women's Cycles, Moon Phases, and Seasons

Just as nature follows cycles of growth, renewal, fruition, & rest, as women, we too experience phases that synchronize with our 28-day cycle, mirroring the moon's 28-day rhythm. This profound connection that aligns our energy with the natural world, helps us harness our strengths at different times.

When we understand the incredible synergy between our menstrual cycles, the phases of the moon, and the seasons, we align our own cycle and inner seasons with nature's rhythms; it can bring more ease, flow, and overall energy. Even if you don’t have a cycle, we're still influenced by this natural ebb & flow of the natural rhythms.

Here's a glimpse into the four phases of women’s cycles and how they energetically mirror the season’s and the moon's phases:

Menstrual Phase / New Moon / Winter:

As winter envelops us in tranquility, your menstrual phase is a time for rest, reflection, and self-evaluation. Like the new moon and the winter season, it encourages a time to go inward, nurturing intentions and new beginnings. Self-care and introspection are so important during this sacred renewal while disconnecting from the external world to surrender within.

The first day of menstruation begins the first day of your cycle. The energetic influence of this phase lasts about 7 days. This is the most introverted, or “yin” part of the cycle. It is a time for renewal, visioning, releasing and finding clarity in your life. It is a time to slow down and rest as energy levels tend to be low.

It may go without saying — take your activity levels down, stop heavy physical and mental exertion. Movement is still good, but opt for something gentle.


Rest and gentle movement are key.

Consider a restorative yoga practice or qi gong during this time. Avoid inversions at this time as the movement is intended for downward energy.


Follicular Phase / Waxing Moon / Spring:

After the new moon, winter, and menses — energy starts to shift outward. Just as spring marks the season of renewal and growth, the follicular phase of your cycle is a time for planning, brainstorming, and embracing new beginnings.

Your creativity flourishes, and it's the perfect opportunity to nurture fresh ideas, setting the stage for what's to come.

The Follicular Phase begins after menstruation is complete, the uterine lining has been shed and your energy starts to go outward. This is approximately day 6-11 of your cycle. As the lining of the uterus builds, so does your energy. Your hormones are increasing and you generally tend to be more open to new things. You are moving into a more extroverted state of your cycle.


Vinyasa flow, Pilates, and strength training are a great compliment to this stage of rebuilding and growth.


Ovulation Phase / Full Moon / Summer:

When the full moon illuminates the sky, it's time to step into your own spotlight. Similarly, during ovulation (around day 12-18 of your cycle), you radiate with energy for communication, collaboration, attraction, and being out there. Like the energy of summer, there is a lot of outward energy and activity. Chances are you feel more alive, turned on, and ready to take on the world.

You may also have a tendency to be more responsive to receiving from others at this time. You may feel more confident and find it easier to verbalize your thoughts and feelings. This is the most extroverted point in one's cycle. It’s a great time for socializing, networking, building connections, and making things happen! Energy is high, confidence soars & your magnetic charm is at a peak. So, embrace that magnetic charm of yours!


Power yoga, high exertion like HIIT workouts, running, & weightlifting are ideal during this peak phase.


Luteal Phase / Waning Moon / Fall:

In the fall, akin to the waning moon and the luteal phase (around day 19-26) of our cycle, we settle in to reap rewards and also gain insights. It's a time for introspection, setting boundaries, and prioritizing needs with discernment of where you put your energy.

This phase invites you to put in the work, and tie up loose ends with attention to detail and higher focus with increased determination before energy dips.

Ovulation's energetic influence may linger briefly at the start, but soon, energy wanes. The boundary between inner and outer worlds thins, revealing hidden truths and highlighting areas in need of change. As your cycle progresses, you may feel more internal and like you just need space. You may be less likely to be open and receptive to people. You can become painfully aware of what's not working in your life. You're crossing the threshold of the outer world, into the inner world. If you drop things and fumble your words, that's ok – remember this stage is just a phase.


Yin yoga, tower/Pilates, functional flexibility & other tissue work are your allies here.


As we move through the inner seasons and cycles, while aligning with nature's rhythms while harnessing the power of each phase fully, it can bring greater harmony & balance with more ease & flow. And, we know it’s from this place — with less stress and efforting that we attract more of what we desire.

I know for myself & others following the natural rhythms, it has brought less stress and “pushing” to make something happen -- including shedding some extra weight!


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